Friday, February 27, 2015

Tarot (and beyond!)

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts and various social media outlets, my friend +Bryan and I are teaching an online tarot class starting in March.  We’re both so excited about this!  +Bryan and I read tarot cards for each other all the time, and showing off our favorite decks and new techniques is a pastime we both enjoy.

+Bryan started studying and reading tarot in 1992, and I started in 2001.  That’s nearly four decades of experience and study between the two of us.  We both use different decks and employ different techniques, but we both share similar views on tarot and divination, which makes us perfect partners for the class that we will be offering.

The tarot class will feature a live webinar every Saturday morning from 10-11am, EST.  But don’t worry, if you can’t make the live webinar, all of the videos are recorded and saved in our archive.  Anyone with elite membership on the website will have access to all videos and content we post, so that means if you are an elite member and you want to watch a video in five minutes, five weeks, or five years, as long as you are an elite member you will have access to it (and everything else)!

In addition to the webinar videos, +Bryan and I will be posting articles on the website throughout the week.  These articles may be general content or praxis for Esoteric Mysticism, or they may be directly related to the tarot class.  I know I plan to write articles comparing and contrasting the nuances between different decks and how that can slightly shift the meaning from one card to another (and I know +Bryan has great things planned, too!)

In addition to teaching this tarot class, don’t forget that +Bryan posts daily World Spiritual Forecast check-ins over at our website,  He also offers professional tarot card reading services, and his information can be found here.  I can personally vouch for his depth, effectiveness, and accuracy.  If you’ve never had a tarot card reading, or if you’re familiar with the process but want to try something new, you’re in for a treat with +Bryan!

We have about two years’ worth of weekly content and topics scheduled for this class, so if you’ve ever wanted to delve deeply into the divinatory system of the tarot, now is your chance!  And don’t forget, to access the class, you must be an elite member over at the website, and elite members have access to all material (not just the tarot class!)  The tarot class is just a little extra bonus, a cherry on top of the content we are offering on our website and as a companion to our book.

The class starts on Saturday, March 7, and will continue every Saturday from then (unless it’s a major holiday or there is an emergency, upon which you will receive notification of any class re-schedules.)

See you on the other side!

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