Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Walk With Me" - an introduction to Esoteric Mysticism and Eye of the Seer project

Many of you are already at least vaguely familiar with the project I’m working on with my friend +Bryan.  I’ve been reposting and reblogging stuff about it here or there, but this is the first time I’ve really had a chance to sit down and write about it.

A little over a year ago, +Bryan approached me with a project idea.  He had been working on a system of mystical axioms and praxes for over a decade, but had a few false starts over the years.  +Bryan and I have spent many, many late nights talking about religion, spirituality, and mysticism, so he knew that we held similar ideas concerning these issues.  When he asked me if I was interested in helping him with this project, I was flattered and excited.  While I’ve always dreamed of working on a book, I never had imagined a book quite like this.  Plus, +Bryan is great to work with, with lots of experience, knowledge, and wisdom, so I knew that it would be a good partnership.

Here we are, about a year later, and the book is in the final stages of being submitted to a publisher.  We have some content and copy edits to make, a few sentences here or there, and then it’s done.  I can hardly believe it!

But our partnership together doesn’t stop with just the book!  +Bryan has been hard at work setting up a companion website to the book.  We realized very quickly that we needed to cut a whole section from the book because it was getting way, way waaaay too long.  All of that material was added as premium content on the website.  We’re also working on additional articles and videos for website members to check out, too.  The website also has a forum, which I’d really love it if it were more active.  I really look forward to the day that we can engage our readers one-on-one.

As part of our premium content, +Bryan and I are teaching an online tarot class together starting in March!  +Bryan and I both love tarot cards and divination, and we read for each other all the time.  Between the two of us we have decades of experience with tarot, and we’re really excited to be offering this unique class.  We’ll be offering webinar videos, plus weekly articles and other fun ways for our elite website members to interact with us.  We have about two years’ worth of classes planned for the tarot, and then we will move onto the runes.  I’m so excited!  We also sell professional tarot card reading services on the website, so those are worth checking out, too. 

The website has articles, videos, a forum, a tarot class… but that’s not all!  +Bryan resurrected his old paranormal radio show, EYE OF THE SEER, and we’ve been hosting that live on the air every Tuesday night.  We have some really great shows lined up in the next few months, and it’s just been so fun to be able to chat with +Bryan every week, as well as to interact with an audience of listeners.  If you can’t listen live, all EYE OF THE SEER shows are archived, so they’re worth checking out.

We also have a Facebook page, a Facebook group, and on top of all of this, +Bryan has been doing daily tarot card readings via the World Spiritual Forecast, which is a “check-in” with the archetypes that are globally in control for that day.  In conjunction with this, I’m going to be doing weekly rune castings every Wednesday starting in March, with the intention to offer some practical advice on how to navigate the archetypes of the World Spiritual Forecast.

So if you’ve wondered why I’ve cut back on my blogging, why I haven’t been around for lunches with my friends, and why I’ve dropped off of the radar, that’s why!  I’ve been busy finishing up the book, collaborating with +Bryan, practicing my tarot cards and divination, and just in general preparing for this huge project.  +Bryan and I have big plans, not just with this website and our book, but other aspects such as seminars, workshops, future books, etc. 

I’d like to offer a huge thanks to my partner in crime, +Bryan, and thanks to our loving spouses who have been tolerating us and our insanity for so long!  We couldn’t have done this without you!  Thanks to all who have supported us so far, and thanks for those who are on this journey with us.  We hope that you will join us on this path of Esoteric Mysticism, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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