Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EYE OF THE SEER - free tarot card readings recap!

Last night +Bryan and I offered a very special feature on our radio show, EYE OF THE SEER.  +Bryan has facilitated this show for many years, and it’s only recently that I jumped on board.  One of his favorite things to do on his show was live, on-air, tarot card readings for callers and clients.  When he told me that he used to do this, I knew right away it would be something we needed to do together, too.  It’s especially good timing because we’re about to launch our tarot class over at Esoteric Mysticism, so it was fun to get my cards out and to get reading!

We took turns reading – a caller would ask a question, one of us would cast the reading, and the other would take notes and fill in our own thoughts and comments.  The pacing was really good, and our callers seemed pleased with our answer to them.  We had all sorts of questions, ranging from love, to money, to work, to more metaphysical concerns.  If you're curious about the content and format of the show, all EYE OF THE SEER shows are archived, so check it out!

Wow!  It was so much fun!  I felt a little bad that not all of our callers were able to have their questions answered, but we hope that they will join us for our next show, which will be on Tuesday, April 14, from 9-11pm, eastern time.  You can find more information about the event here:

If you would like your tarot cards read by us, please consider calling in on April 14.  Or, if you don’t want to wait until then, +Bryan offers tarot card readings via our website.  I am re-launching my Etsy shop, too, which will feature tarot card readings, rune readings, and other fun things once I have a chance to get myself organized.  I offered readings via Etsy for many years and just got to be too busy to maintain the shop with graduate school.  But now that my time is truly my own, I’m revamping the whole place with new content and a new look.  Stay tuned and check it out often for some fun stuff and great, unique offerings!

Also, if you’re interested in reading tarot for yourself, you could always check out our tarot class.  It’s launching this Saturday, but all Elite Members at our website have access to all elite content.  So if you can’t make Saturday’s class, don’t let that hold you back from singing up!  You’ll have access to the tarot class, videos, and articles, all related to Esoteric Mysticism.

So, check out our radio show, get your cards read, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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