Sunday, April 5, 2015

RECAP - Esoteric Christianity: Understanding Archetypal Theology

In our most recent episode of EYE OF THE SEER, +Bryan and I welcomed Deacon Thomas Moreland as a special guest to our radio show.  Brother Thomas made an appearance on EYE OF THE SEER a few weeks ago when +Bryan and Brother Thomas discussed the Nicholean Church, and I was thrilled to have Thomas back on the show.  We’ve known each other online for years, but this was the first chance we’ve ever had to actually have a conversation.  It was a great show – who knew an hour could go by so quickly?

+Bryan discussed some foundational concepts that we outline in our book.  (Here’s a hint – if you want a sneak peek at the content of our book, the EYE OF THE SEER radio show is a great place to check it out!)  Then the show introduced the basics of esoteric theology, in addition to a good discussion on Christian archetypes.  We discussed Gnosticism and religious literalism, as well as the importance of engaging archetypes and practicing ritual.  Even though this show was about Esoteric Christianity, I was able to talk a fair amount about my Pagan practices, as well as Gnosticism, which brought me, +Bryan, and Brother Thomas together in the first place, many years ago.

It was a great show, and it’s archived so be sure to check it out.  Don’t forget, EYE OF THE SEER airs every Tuesday at 9pm, EST.  If I am able, I live-tweet key words and concepts from our radio show over at Twitter, so that can be a fun way to get involved.  Also, a chat room is open during live streaming of the radio show ever at the Blog Talk Radio website.  I adore using the chat room, so be sure to pop by and say hello!

See you on Tuesday, April 7.  +Bryan and I will be talking about our book!  This is an exclusive, sneak-peak show, so you don't want to miss it!

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