Friday, April 10, 2015

RECAP: Esoteric Mysticism: A Preparation

On Tuesday night's EYE OF THE SEER, +Bryan and I talked about the basics of our book. +Bryan outlined some basic information about the content of the books, as well as the methods he used to arrive to his conjectures about the Cosmos.  We discussed the trials and tribulations we encountered while working on the book, our challenges and triumphs.  It's an information-packed, informative show.  If you're curious about what I've been working on this past year and a half, this radio show is a great introduction and overview of that content.  If you're curious about Esoteric Mysticism, be sure to check it out!

EYE OF THE SEER is the accompanying radio show to  It began as a paranormal talk show, but has been reformatted to discuss Esoteric Mysticism.  I'm proud to be co-host to such a great, fun project, and I look forward to it every Tuesday night.  EYE OF THE SEER airs on Blog Talk Radio, every Tuesday night from 9-10 EST.  We open up a chat room, too, so if you want to ask questions or give us comments, that's a good place to interact with us.

Next week is a very special show, too!  +Bryan and I will be on the air for two hours.  In this show we'll be offering free, live, tarot card readings!  We did this a few weeks ago and had a great time, and we're very excited to be offering this again next week.  Tuesday, April 14 at 9pm EST.  If you're interested in receiving professional-quality tarot card readings, +Bryan can be found on Keen, and I sell readings on Etsy.  So be sure to check out our archived EYE OF THE SEER shows, and tune in next week for free tarot card readings!

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