Thursday, April 16, 2015

RECAP – Special Event: Free Tarot Readings

This past Tuesday, +Bryan and I did a second installment of our popular “Free Tarot Reading Special Event” over at our radio show.  The first time we did free tarot card readings was back at the beginning of March.  I was so excited for the chance to partner up with +Bryan again for this great EYE OF THE SEER show!

We took turns reading for guests who called in about their issues.  This time, though, we deviated with our spreads a bit, allowing us to answer complex questions.  Some of the topics were heavy and deep, some practical, and some creative.  General themes came up with the readings that I found to be curious.  Just as archetypes come in and out of influence in our world, being revealed through our tarot card readings, archetypal trends revealed themselves through the questions being asked, too.  Questions about jobs, lovers, estranged family members, and creative projects were all common themes.  And between the readings (+Bryan and I switching back and forth) certain cards came up over and over again, too.  When the stars are aligned and certain archetypal energies are at play, it’s easy to see the ways that all of us are being influenced in terms of the Cosmos.

I really adore reading tarot cards for people, even when they’re challenging questions and topics like we were presented on Tuesday.  We had more people in queue than we were able to get to, unfortunately.  (Two hours goes by so quickly!)  So if you want a free tarot card reading on-air (or if you just want to call and say hello!) tune in on Tuesday, May 19 from 9pm EST to 11pm EST.  Be sure to call early to get into the queue (we had people waiting for nearly an hour to get their reading done!  Talk about dedication!)  You can also interact with us in the chat room, too (though we can’t get to questions in the chat unless there are no calls in queue.) 

Also, if you don’t want to wait until May 19, remember that +Bryan offers tarot card readings over at Keen.  His skills and talents come personally recommended!  I recently started on re-vamping my own tarot services over at Etsy, too!  I’m still working on it but I have a few listings and pictures posted, so if you’re interested in a reading from me, be sure to pop over there and see if anything catch your eye!

Next week’s EYE OF THE SEER show is a special show about my ministry as a highpriestess and public witch.  So, if you’re interested in hearing more about me and my groups, this one will be fun (and very personal!)  So be sure to chime in on Tuesday, April 21 to learn more about my ministry, check out Keen for archetypal readings from Bryan, check out my Etsy shop, and see you on May 19 for more free tarot card readings, only at EYE OF THE SEER!

March 4 EYE OF THE SEER - free tarot card readings blog recap! 

April 14 EYE OF THE SEER show!

Bryan tarot and other divination services!

My Etsy shop and tarot services!

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