Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TONIGHT on EYE of the SEER - Exorcisms and Demonic Possessions: Are they real?

Tuesday May 12!


This week, on EYE of the SEER, Bryan and Amanda are joined again by Deacon Thomas Moreland for a lively discussion about the Rite of Christian Exorcism of the demonically possessed. The Church has maintained a firm position that both demonic possession and Satan are real. But how should we look at these claims on the level of esoteric mysticism? Are Christians simply over-imaginative or is there something to this two-thousand year old practice?

We will attempt to clarify and dispel the popular myths surrounding these claims and also question if all demonic possession is the result of mental illness. Or could it be the other way around? Find out by tuning in to EYE of the SEER.

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