Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Little Peek into Your Past!

Bryan and I are always trying to come up with cool, fun things to do for our radio show, EYE of the SEER.  We have talented guests, fascinating discussion, Mystical Fandoms, and even live, on-air tarot card readings for callers and listeners.  But we like to keep things fresh, interesting, and exciting, and our free Past Life shows are one way for us to have a little extra fun.

Recently, Bryan picked up a few different oracle decks and he has been playing around with them, making fun combinations and insightful spreads.  On a previous show he did a past life reading for me on air, and it was incredibly revealing.  Like, shockingly so.  I haven’t really paid much attention to past life stuff (not since I was a teenager, trying to uncover the secrets of the Cosmos from my bedroom) so I was curious and intrigued when Bryan offered to test out his new cards on me.  WOW.  I learned so much about myself, and in doing so, it’s helped details of my life come into sharper focus, click into place, and make more sense.  Past life readings aren’t just for fun (though they can be fun), but can be valuable tools for helping you gain more mastery and understanding over your current life (as well as past lives and future lives.)

We knew right away that past life readings would be an instant hit over at EYE of the SEER, so we booked a show as soon as we had an open time slot.  The show started with a quick lesson on the concept of past lives and how it applies to the system we presented in Esoteric Mysticism.  After the lesson we dove right into the readings.  Bryan worked with his oracle decks, giving insight into the archetypes at play in the person’s most recent past life.  Meanwhile, I gave corresponding tarot card reading using the major arcana to add detail the childhood, adulthood, and late adulthood of our callers, giving insight into specific details of the previous life lived.  Doing these readings was fascinating and so much fun!  It felt totally different energetically than just doing a simple tarot card reading.  The energy and technique was totally different, and I felt myself reaching into new places of the Cosmos to access this specific information.  Energetically, it was working with a completely different type of power, and it was thrilling.

What more, Bryan’s readings and my readings matched up perfectly, like, scarily accurate.  It was incredible!  I was a bit wowed by it, and I’m sure our listeners were, too.  The concept of past lives is a fascinating one, and past life regression meditations were some of the first meditations I did back in my early days of dabbling in witchcraft.  (Past lives and loves spells… typical teenager!)  Aside from being a fun show, Bryan’s introduction offered some key information that we wrote about in our book, and is exclusive content for those who have been waiting patiently for a publication announcement.

So, don’t miss out on some exclusive content found within Esoteric Mysticism, and go check out our past life reading show!  Furthermore, if you’re interested in past lives, check out our next show.  The readings take a long time so call in early to reserve your spot in the queue.  We’ll try to get to as many callers as we possibly can, and the patience of our listeners and callers is always appreciated.  And also, Bryanoffers both past life and tarot card readings via our website, to check that out, too, if you don’t want to wait for the next EYE of the SEER past life show and you want/need a past life reading right away.

Listen to our first past life show here!

Save the date for our upcoming past life show, Tuesday September 22 at 9pm EST!

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