Thursday, August 6, 2015

All About Mystical Fandoms

Not too long ago, me, Bryan, and Tracey, got together again over at EYE of the SEER for our latest episode of our Mystical Fandoms series.  This time we talked about the archetype of the Magus, and it was pretty awesome - an hour and a half of geeking out with two of my best friends!  I love my job! 

EYEof the SEER is pretty eclectic, a little of this, a little of that, but all of our shows have the common thread of mysticism, spirituality, and religion.  Last time I was in Atlanta, Bryan and Tracey took me out to eat Dim Sum for brunch.  We spent the whole time there stuffing delicious food into our face and squealing over Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Star Wars, Star Trek, and all of our favorite television shows, books, and movies.  Some common themes kept on popping up - themes of love, truth, justice, enlightenment, horror, terror, ecstasy, and Cosmic mastery.  It was from this epic Dim Sum meal that Mystical Fandoms was born.

We humans create stories, but at the same time, stories are creating us.  In many cases, our myths and folklore are the closest we get to Cosmic Truth.  The archetypes, much more than vague Jungian abstractions, are the vehicles that allow this communication to take place.  Archetypes help us to understand God and help God to talk to us.  We are constantly being manipulated and molded by the archetypes, and we are constantly feeding them and nurturing them.  Archetypes need us and we need archetypes, and stories are just one way that this Cosmic process takes place.  Our modern Fandoms are one of the areas that this Cosmic give-and-take is occurring most obviously (and very easily.)
For those of you who aren’t total geeks, “Fandom” is a combination of the word fan/fanatic plus “dom”, as in, kingdom.  It is a group of people, sometimes together and sometimes individually, who love love love LOVE something in media.  Often it’s a piece of genre fiction, but not always.  If you’re familiar with Comic Con or other nerdy conventions, then you’re familiar with the concept of Fandom.  Fandom is people who have Doctor Who stickers on their cars and call their blue vehicle a TARDIS (me.)  Fandom is a group of people who read all of the old Sherlock stories to try to figure out the plot of the next BBC Sherlock release (me and Tracey).  Fandom is being able to quote from all ten (and counting) seasons of Supernatural, and it’s seeing a slight reference to Supernatural on a blog, website, t-shirt, etc and giving a giant SQUEE because you’re somehow connected to that other person through their mutual love of that thing, even though you don’t know that person (my sister, my housemate, and sometimes me). 

Fandom is entirely geeky, entirely fun, and it is entirely redefining the way media are being made and the way in which we fans consume such said media.  But it’s more than just watching your favorite show and buying swag.  Fandom can be deeply meaningful, deeply emotional, deeply upsetting, and deeply uplifting.  Fandom can be life-changing, and that’s where Mystical Fandom come in.

In the Mystical Fandom series on EYE of the SEER, we dig deep into the most popular fandoms, as well as our most favorite fandoms, searching for the powerful archetypes at play.  As a way to correspond to our tarot class over at Esoteric Mysticism, we are following the archetypes found within the Major Arcana of the tarot.  The archetypes found within the system of tarot are some of the most powerful and pure expressions of archetypal power and personality, and it’s serving as a great guide for us as we go through each card, applying them to the media we all know and love.

Plus, we have a blast doing this show!  I adore Tracey and she’s such a great guest to have on the EYE of the SEER show.  (She’s my kindred spirit and bosom buddy and I just KNOW we would have been best friends FOREVER if we had known each other as kids.  Star Wars Customizable Card Game?  YES PLEASE!)  And it’s great to be able to really dig deep into the geeky aspects of my life that I might not share with others because I get so busy doing Paganism and mysticism.  But to be honestly, Fandom IS mysticism, and geekery is part of who I am (that’s part of the story of the Super Duper Space Witch!) 

So if you love mysticism, fandoms, geekery, me, EYE of the SEER, or just having a good time, be sure to check out our archived shows.  Only on EYE of the SEER!  (Our next show is on the High Priestess, and I’m already getting excited about all of the possibilities!)

An intro to Mystical Fandoms

The Fool

The Magus

Coming up next, The High Priestess!  Tuesday September 8, 9pm EST!

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