Saturday, December 17, 2016

Review: Conjure Club!

Many of you know my friend Magus, who is the owner over at Conjure Work (formerly Thaumaturgy 777). I’ve known Magus for a few years, and my group, the Triangle Area Pagan Alliance, has partnered with him on a few different projects here or there. I also worked for him for a few months in the middle of my unemployment after graduate school, and this ended up being an amazing experience for me. I learned so much from Magus, and I met so many great folks in the community, many who have become great friends. A metaphysical shop is a priceless asset to any community, and unfortunately there are folks out there who don’t get to enjoy learning from someone face-to-face, meeting other magical folks, or even having access to quality magical and occult supplies.

Magus’ newest project, Conjure Club, seeks to fill that gap for those who have a need that otherwise not being met. For $25 a month, members of the Conjure Club will receive full size Conjure Work products, some smaller sample sizes, information about the products you received, and the directions to perform a magical working (that corresponds to the items in your box, of course.)

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes, and I used Birchbox for many years (and plan to re-subscribe, eventually.) There aren’t too many magical or occult subscription boxes out there. I’ve seen a few that focused on candles, crystals, or even women’s “moon time”. Conjure Club, however, is the first subscription box that I’ve seen that applies to a larger audience. You don’t have to be a rootworker, witch, sorcerer, magician, or anything in particular to use this box. The supplies are relevant to anyone who uses magic, from all sorts of traditions. You don’t even need to have a specific experience level to use this box – Magus includes really nice printouts and instructions for each item, and the magic working/spell he includes is incredibly user friendly.

Included in my Conjure Club box was:
  • One ounce bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection incense
  • One half ounce bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection oil
  • an ample sample size baggie of Fiery Wall of Protection powder
  • a charcoal disk for the incense
  • a red chime candle
  • Fiery Wall of Protection spell sheet
  • A nice copy of Psalm 91
  • An herbal compendium sheet
This is more than enough for the magical working, and then I’ll even have a ton left over, too!

I’m busy preparing for the holidays (work and travel and parties, oh my!) But I plan on completing the Fiery Wall of Protection spell in the New Year. I’ll also try to include little blurbs about each of the products and my experience using them.

Thanks you so much, Magus, for your really great box. I’m sure you have great themes and supplies planned for the future! Friends, stay tuned. 2017 is going to be exciting, for sure!


  1. I know Magus as well, and he's a great guy :)

    1. great guy, great products! =) thanks for stopping by!