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Mystical Fandoms: The Fool


Tracey Ouellette joins Bryan and Amanda for another installment of the Mystical Fandoms series. On this episode of EYE of the SEER, they begin a discussion about the primary archetypal patterns that influence the human experience, shaping it into the mystery that it is now in the process of becoming. They will use the archetypes of the Major Arcana in the Tarot as a guide and follow the Fool's Journey through each stage of his realization, exposing how each primary archetype manifests in popular cult-classic television programming.

This episode will start with the Fool, who in Akron and Banzhaf's Crowley Tarot: Handbook to the Cards, is identified to be the archetypal Uroboros, the somethingness that arises out of nothingness. He is the Buddhist Sunyata. He is the one who through blind trust in all Cosmic processes, comes to master them all without even trying.

How does he manifest in the conventional world? Find out where he has been hiding within the Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, and Sherlock fandoms.

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The Pagan Experience: "House Cleansing"

Here is the House/Property Cleansing ritual that I use.  It is thorough and a bit long (if you have a big house and/or a big property) but it has proven to be most effective.

Anoint yourself with holy water and/or protection oil before you begin.  You can also wear hematite or obsidian, or something protective like a holy symbol or amulet.

Start in the center of the home.  State your intention to cleanse your space, such as “We are here to cleanse this home and property and anything within this space. This space will be cleansed of anything baneful, harmful, negative, or evil.  Anything baneful, harmful, negative, or evil will be banished from this person’s home and from this space. As I will it, so mote it be!”

Going counterclockwise, sprinkle salt, burn sage, sprinkle holy water or khernips, bang loud drums or bells or pots and pans, or spray Florida water diluted with pure water.   Do this around the home going counterclockwise.  Get every single nook and cranny.  Be certain go get every corner, closet, doorway, mirror, window, etc. Say “out out out out out” while you do it.  Do this until you’ve gone in every nook and cranny around the house, paying special attention to any type of entrance or exit.  Go counterclockwise until you’ve gone back to where you started.

Repeat the above outside.  Pay attention to outside windows, doors, ditches, trees, dark areas, etc. Do it especially at the driveway and the fence-line of the property, going counterclockwise.  Do this in both the front and backyard.

Once back inside, state your intention:  “This house is cleansed. This space is cleansed. Nothing baneful, harmful, negative or evil is in this home or on this property.” Or say something similar.

Next, after you have cleansed the space, bless the space. Start at the center of your home and with sage, holy water, bells, protection oil, holy items, or religious statues go clockwise. Repeat what you did above. Get every single nook and cranny and corner. Pay attention to entrances and exits.  Anoint the oil or holy water on every doorway, mirror, closet, window, etc. Say or think or chant “bless bless bless bless” or something similar.  Do this both inside and out, front yard and back yard.
Set up a barrier at the corners of the property.  I use quartz crystals, but you don’t need it. (It just really amplifies the work you’ve done, and can be re-charged later, too.)  At the corners of the property say: “this is a barrier. None may cross this barrier that is baneful, harmful, negative or evil. Only that which exists for my highest good and the highest good of the occupants in this space may cross this barrier.” Place crystals and state your intentions at every corner of the property.  Place another crystal in the center of the home, and imagine the barriers connecting like a protective grid, going all around, above and below. Do this clockwise.  This is a protection shield and when you are feeling under attack you can recharge it with your mind. About once a year or so you can re-do this whole ritual, or if you need a quick recharge, just repeat the actions or words in your mind as a creative visualization.

Once you are done, declare “this space is cleansed. This space is blessed. Nothing baneful, harmful, negative, or evil may enter this space. As above, so below, SO MOTE IT BE” or something similar.

Take a GOOD LONG shower after. Use sage or eucalyptus or mint in the shower. Cleanse and recharge any amulets or stones you have used. Wash your clothes.

Another thing I like to do after the completion of this ritual is give offerings to my house wights and land spirits.  I like to thank any deities I might have called upon, or spirit allies or ancestors.  I even like to give an offering outside of the barriers to the energies I have banished – “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

How do you spiritually, magically, and energetically cleanse yourself, your space, your home, and your property?  What works for you, and what does not work for you?  Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments!

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My April article over at Paranormal Galaxy Magazine!

Be sure to check out my latest post, over at Paranormal Galaxy Magazine.  My April article is "Dealing With the Gift of Empathy."  I've written about empaths before, but this is an extended article on the topic.  Paranormal Galaxy Magazine has a lot of great articles and topics, so be sure to check it out!

"Paranormal Galaxy Magazine, the place where the real and the unknown meet. A hub for all things unexplained, haunted and mysterious. We serve as the source for all things paranormal from mediums, haunted history, ghost talks, pop culture and more. Each month we focus on a different aspect of the paranormal. We have something to soothe the soul for any and all paranormal junkies out there!"

Thanks for checking my stuff out!  And stay tuned for fun stuff that is yet to come!

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Re-post - "Dear Friends"

Re-post from my Super Duper Social Worker blog, February 2013

I like to brag that I was very lucky as far as my introduction to Paganism goes. When I was ready to really study and potentially practice the Craft, I was delighted to find resources all around me. Many of my friends knew Pagans or were Pagan themselves. A lot of the feminist theory I was reading applied to Earth Worship as well. Even my family was taking similar interests in Paganism. I remember with delight that my mom and I would often be reading the exact same books at the exact same time, unintentionally.

Not only did I have books and people to help me, but many of these people were in an organized group, a coven. The coven held public sabbats which were perfect for Baby Pagans. So, my first ritual ever was with the Serpents of the Vine, Midsummer 2005.

These people really had their stuff together. They had lots of experience and they all had lots of books and they’d pass them to me on a regular basis. Having an active message board online meant I could learn about the group, connect with the members, see upcoming events, and most of all, when I had stupid questions, they’d answer and help out. Through the coven I was able to participate in open sabbat rituals, open workshops, and even something simple and fun like Pagan coffee at a local shop. There was a community and a world opened up to me with the coven, even with only being an outer-circle person and not a member.

Through a system of me getting to know them, and them getting to know me, we found that we all liked one another. I was invited to a full moon esbat, and a few months later, invited to dedicate. With the dedication came a year of intentional study, mentoring, and real coven work.

Or course, having a coven has its ups and downs. There was drama, of course. Remember, Pagans are people, too! (and how!) There were breakups (with one another and the coven), gossip, cruel words, drama queens, people who took center stage, people who weren’t committed and didn’t do their work – all sorts of negative and toxic energy being spewed around by all of us, myself included. These things make it impossible to do magic with another person, but inevitably come up when you do magic with another person!

So what having a coven taught me was that it brings out the best and worst in people. It’s all part of being human, and Pagans are so very very very very human. (we almost make a religion out of it, don’t you think?)

I was lucky with my first coven, but I have dear friends who had horrible, scary first experiences. There are covens that abuse their members emotionally, sexually, and magically. For me, I was lucky. For others, they need to be smart.

I almost didn’t make it. We (the coven) almost didn’t make it. But I did, and we did. (Mostly/kind of.)

As people grow, change, and evolve, covens (should) grow, change, and evolve with them. And while I’ve moved away, and others have moved away, and others aren’t even Pagan any more, I still feel a connection with these people, a connection that I’ve never felt with anyone else (though I’ve come close, but different. Which is important to recognize as well. Different groups form different connections, and that energy takes on a different flavor. It’s different, but no less meaningful.) As a Baby Pagan, I needed a coven, but I also needed to move away from a coven in order to grow, too, in both my mundane and my magical lives.

And on my own in the big wide lonely Pagan world, I’ve learned that I had it very easy. When I went into my coven, they had already done all of the hard work. There was a system in place, with rules and tradition and protocol, and for the most part, it worked. It wasn’t until I was trying to start my own coven that I really, really appreciated this structure. It’s important to recognize, though, that some people and groups thrive under structure and some don’t. I guess I do. I’m lazy and I like it when people do all the hard work, and I just didn’t realize how hard it was help facilitate a coven until myself and others were trying to do it from scratch.

Not that my little coven was a failure. Far from it. I learned a lot, and it was a year of beauty and sisterhood and magic. While I don’t have a coven now, I have a group of women with whom I’m connected in a delicious, special way. What my experiment with covens has taught me is that being in a coven is hard. But they can be beautiful. At both their best and worst, covens can be a good way to learn and grow, and they can offer a way to facilitate those traits blooming in others, too.

Most of all, covens come in all different shapes and sizes. No coven I have now or in the future will be like my first coven, and I need to realize that. And what does or does not happen in my future will be unique and magical, and that’s special, too. That’s why we’re Pagan - so we can manifest our own destinies, magical and mundane, in whatever flavor we desire.

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Next on EYE OF THE SEER: Healing Theology

This week on a special two-hour edition (originally scheduled to be 90 minutes) of EYE OF THE SEER, Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D., SOSM will make an important announcement about his ministry held within the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church. Then, Deacon Thomas Moreland and Amanda Lee Morris, MSW, will discuss the ways through which Esoteric Mysticism connects all religions to a common spirituality. But can this "common spirituality" reconcile theological conflicts between conventional Christian theology and those of non-Christian religions?

Bishop Ouellette, in his unceasing effort to bring all people to a mutual respect and spiritual commonality, is often accused of serving "two masters" by his peers and critics. In Matthew 6:24 Jesus states, "No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other." Is the Esoteric Mysticism program a violation of what Jesus taught? Are we, by offering things like tarot card readings and Buddhist meditations while also speaking about the True Presence of Christ within the Eucharist violating Matthew 6:24?

Tuesday night, Bishop Ouellette attempts to set the record clear, once and for all, dispelling as much confusion as is possible while answering the age-old question: Can We [like the popular bumper-sticker] Co-Exist or are we just too spiritually incompatible to do so?

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Wk 3 - April 20 – Deity and the Divine

Wk 3 - Apr. 20 – Deity and the Divine - This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.

Recently I submitted a piece of prose poetry/creative non-fiction to an Agon being hosted by Galina Krasskova over at Gangleri's Grove.  Though I did not win the Agon (that honor went to others), it was fun to write my piece.  Writing can be a deep act of devotion, and it means so much to be able to write about and for the Deities who I love and who also love me.

This Agon was in honor of both Minerva and Apollo.  I've written about Minerva (well, specifically Athena) for this blog and for Paranormal Galaxy Magazine, so be sure to check out that piece, too.  You can find my official Agon submission here, but I am also pleased and honored to offer it to you now:

Agon for Minerva

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths

March 215

Of glorious Minerva, guardian of the polis, I begin to sing.


Minerva, you were my first true love.  You are tall, beautiful, proud, stoic, and wise.  You don’t take shit from anyone.  As a child who is bullied by both parents and peers, I appreciate your gumption.  Even when the whole world tells me “no”, you show me that women have a place in the government, in the military, as masters of their own destiny.


I write a short story about you for a classroom assignment in history class.  You are clever, strong, and intelligent.  You’re everything I want to be. 

2008 to Present

Owls everywhere.

July 2012

While I am visiting family in New Mexico I find a little soapstone owl, carved by Mexican artists.  It reminds me of your Athene noctua.  I pack it up in my skirts, hoping it won’t break on the flight back to North Carolina.

August 2012

I’m about to start graduate school.  I seek allies, and I am told that you are there, waiting for me.  I’m surprised, but no one else is.  You have always been there, waiting for me.  I know this now.

September 2012

I have a little porcelain owl with a cute face.  I don’t know where it came from.  I bring the owl to my internship, tucked away in my bag, safe between books on racism and labor rights.  I find a place of honor for your owl in my little office.  Sometimes during the day I take time out from my work and study to talk to it.  Sometimes I kiss the little owl.


In social work school I learn about social justice.  I learn about the ills that plague a fair and just society - racism, sexism, classism, homophobia.  I learn about advocacy for clients.  Soon I realize that if social workers have a patron goddess, surely it is you, Minerva.  I’m honored that my career is within your domain, and that when I fight for my clients I am also fighting for you.  I strive to serve my community, and like Athena of the Polis, I realize that all communities are your communities, too.


I blend oil for you in a little amber bottle labeled with glitter.  The highest quality herbs and fragrant essential oils.  Every few days I give it a good shake so it won’t settle.  Sometimes I close my eyes and I smell it, inhale deeply.  There’s just a touch of crushed dragon’s blood resin mixed with ground cinnamon powder, with large drops of lavender.  It’s not particularly aromatic, not light or feminine.  But this brew is powerful and it smells like you.  Like olive oil and patchouli leaf, added in at the last minute.

January 2013

You are the first goddess I write about on my new blog.  A classmate reads my words, much to my surprise.  He remarks “wow, I didn’t know any of that about Minerva.” 


We swap jewelry as part of a ritual devoted to you.  These gems and baubles are to be our symbolic shields.  I craft a beaded necklace, wanting to keep it for myself but knowing it needs to go to another.  During the ritual, I am given a leather bracelet.  It’s heavy, etched with the sun, shaped like the moon.  The woman who passes it on explains to me that to her it was a symbol of power, of her own coming into being as a self-aware woman.  I like that. 

May 2013

Finally I make my own earrings - chunks of turquoise and little amber beads.  I soak these for weeks in your patchouli and olive oil, until the stones start to change color.  I wear them like you would wear your aegis.  Sometimes I hang the earrings on my owls, because they like to be pretty and powerful, too. 

June 2013 – Fortunalia

In between semesters, and I’m anxious about what comes next.  I pour your bittersweet oil over the flames, and my comrades remark “wow, that smells good!”  I offer my prayers and offerings to you, asking for your guidance.  You have walked with me so far, and I hope you’ll remain with me still.

Summer 2013

I attend my first Moral Monday march.  I’m nervous, but I feel justified.  I wear your bracelet with the sun and the moons.  I wear your earrings, turquoise and amber.  I march and march and march.  I chant I chant I chant.  I sign I sing I sing.  You are with me the whole time.  Throughout the summer I return to the weekly marches as often as I am able, and you are with me every time.  You are with us always.

A veteran tells me that you were her “first Goddess.”  As Pallas Athena, you offered your visage to the Women's Army Corps insignia.  A whole new generation of valor, honor, excellence, and wisdom.

August 2013

I go to an interview for an internship at a state psychiatric hospital.  Before I leave, I offer you prayers and incense.  I wear your scent, anoint your owls with oil.  I wear your bracelet and your earrings.  They don’t match my carefully chosen outfit, but I don’t care.  I’m calling on your strength because I need it so badly.  This hospital is a new battlefield. 

The interview doesn’t go well, but I get the internship anyway.  A year later, my supervisor tells me that after 30 years of interns, I’m one of the best he’s ever had. 

I’m excellent only because you help me to shine, Radiant Goddess.

Summer 2014

Another summer of Moral Monday marches.  Another summer with you.

June 2014 – Neptunalia

More prayers, more oil poured upon the flame for you.  I’ve finally completed graduate school, and now I’m looking for a job.  I’m unemployed and I’m depressed.  “You’ve been with me so far,” I pray.  “Please do not abandon me now.”  My comrades who have struggled and suffered through unemployment understand my pleading.  They pray with me.  We pray together.  We pray to you, Minerva.

December 2014

After a summer of images of teargas and blood, I’m scared, but I make myself go to the march, anyway.  I anoint myself and my comrades with your oil.  I wear your jewelry like I’d wear armor.  In terror, I watch a friend get arrested.  I’m surrounded by hundreds of police officers in riot gear.  As the lady of the polis, I realize that you walk on both sides, with both the protestors and the police.  You guide us all with your wisdom, leading us on with a sense of justice. 

March 2015

I anoint your owls and images with bittersweet oils.  I recite your prayers with a strong voice and steady song.  I meditate upon your beautiful visage with love and reverence.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said by others far more worthy?  What can I sing that has not already been sung throughout the ages?  What can I give you that is not already yours? 

And so hail to you, daughter of Jove who holds the aegis!  Hail, Minerva, and give us good fortune and happiness!  Now I will remember you and another song as well.