Friday, January 31, 2014

Pagan Blog Project - week 5 - C#2 - (witch) Crafting
Pagan Blog Project - week 5 - C#1 - (witch) Crafting

Here are the ingredients for some incense I made recently:

Red sandalwood
Red wine
Spring tree blossoms
Dill seed
Cedar oil
Pine resin
Orange peel
Rose petals
Willow bark

I made it with many associations in mind. Here are just a few:

New moon
Black moon
Dark moon
Hecate's deipnon
Late winter/early spring

This incense can be used for creative inspiration, change, cleansing, arts, crafts, work, Brigid, honoring Celtic ancestors, health, healing, Goddess worship, winter, spring, dark moon, new moon, black moon, initiation, newness, Imbolc, etc. or any other associations with late winter/early spring, Brigid, Imbolc, and the dark/new moon. 


  1. Hi Amanda, well first I just wanted to drop by and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment. I don't know why I ever got it into my head that I prefer to practice without make up. Its not that I never do because I certainly have. I have just never intentionally done my make up in a specific way to... contribute to what I was doing. Since reading everything though and doing a little research it has definitely been something I think I will be paying more attention to.

    I love that you make you own incense. I have never looked into what goes into the process of making them, is it hard? I bought some homemade sticks not to long ago. I was very excited to get them home and burn them but I will admit while they smelt wonderful before hand, while burning they filled the house with a very sour stink.

    1. Hello!

      Incense can be really hard to make, but I do it a super lazy style and take plenty of shortcuts. I have pretty bad tendonitis, so I use my food processor. I just put the ingredients I want (dried or fresh herbs, resins, oils, etc) and then turn it on. I try to be mindful of it while it's all grinding up, or dip my wand or spoon into the mix to stir it up and put in some of my own energy (which is lost not using a mortar and pestle) Some people can make stick incense and stuff, but I just use a powder that I sprinkle on a charcoal brick or use as a dust or sprinkle. Like I said, super easy!