Friday, January 24, 2014

Pagan Blog Project - Week four - B#2 - Black Apatite

Pagan Blog Project – week four – B#2 – Black Apatite

necklace I'm making for my sister, with black apatite beads
While apatite comes in many colors, but I only have blue and black. The two are similar, naturally, but color correspondences can be powerful. To me, the black is a bit deeper, a little more mysterious and perhaps more intense than blue apatite.

This stone can be grounding, but while rooting you down it can pull you up to achieve your higher potentials. Black apatite good for people who might lack confidence and self-love, especially those who are “high sensitive” or empaths. It helps them move forward when they might otherwise bog themselves down into self-doubting ruts or high-drama situations.

Black apatite is a “go-getter” crystal. Yes, it encourages communication and thinking like its cousin, blue apatite, but I feel like it is a bit more powerful, extroverted, and motivated. It sooths emotions and encourages optimism.

But it’s not pushy like it may seem. Black apatite brings out our best qualities, which can be a bit challenging at times. Isn’t it hard to be our best? Don’t worry! Black apatite is here to help. It clears blockages, which might seem a bit uncomfortable but can often be very beneficial and needed.

While clearing these blockages it helps us realize how strong we are, and when we realize our strength our confidence grows. And when we feel confident we feel good, and when we feel good we want others to feel good, too. In this way, black apatite shares some of the “good will” and “humanitarian” aspects of blue apatite.

And it’s very beautiful, too!

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