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Pagan Blog Project - week 20 – J#2 – Jet

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Pagan Blog Project - week 20 – J#2 – Jet

Jet (combined with amber) is a traditional witch’s stone. Stewart and Janet Farrar talk about this in their book, A Witches' Bible: The Complete Witches' Handbook, describing the combination as traditional for a High Priestess to wear as a necklace. I’m sure I’ve seen this description in other places as well.

Like amber, jet is a fossilized stone. While amber is fossilized and ancient tree sap and resin, jet is fossilized driftwood. Because of these ancient origins, one might be able to understand why these two stones pair so well together energetically.

This smooth, black stone is said to be good for filtering and grounding energy. It is said to protect and purify energy and auras, and also can be used to help cleanse other stones (though some say it needs to be cleansed after every use.) When confronted with negativity, jet helps the person understand and confront the challenging energies in a constructive and positive manner. It can be good to enhance clarity and helps people to learn lessons. This is especially useful to those who want to release negative habits. In addition to this, jet is said to be beneficial stone for empaths and to those who are healing from grief.

In these ways, I can see how jet would be a good stone for a High Priestess, who ritually, might be faced with an onslaught of energies all around her, and as a good High Priestess, it is her job to help control those energies. It is said to help manifest will and desire, which would be useful skills for a High Priestess to use during a ritual.

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