Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Announcement: "Magical Musings and Memories"

Already tired of the heat of the summer?  Tired of long days and short nights, sweltering sun and unpredictable and humid summer storms?  Already looking forward to the cooler months, to crisp evenings and warm scarves?  Delicious gifts of joy and cheer?

So am I!  So that's why I'm so excited to announce a winter writing project that is int he works - Magical Musings and Memories: a joint compilation of holiday cheer."

My good friend Vickie over at Aoibheal's Lair invited me, as well as a group of her wonderful lady friends to contribute to Magical Musings. Her idea is for all of us to include holiday memories, crafts, recipes, poetry, and other fun, exciting, and jolly articles and art projects.  What a great idea!

I'm excited to be invited to contribute to a fun project like this, and I'm excited for the friendships and connections that will be made throughout this process.  The holiday season might be just under six months away, but there's no reason to not get started now! 

So check out "Magical Musings and Memories: a joint compilation of holiday cheer" on these various media platforms, spread the good tidings, and see you over there in December!


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