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Pagan Blog Project – week 30 – O#2 – Oracular Spectacular

Pagan Blog Project – week 30 – O#2 – Oracular Spectacular

When it comes to oracles and divinatory methods, people have dozens and dozens of options.  Tarot cards probably come to mind most often, but there are also runes, the ogham, and oracle cards.  You can scry with crystals, water, or fire.  You can watch birds or read tea leaves. 

Many years ago I was surprised to find that some people came up with their own oracular or divinatory methods.  There is indeed power and energy behind something like tarot or tasseomancy, but a self-made oracular system can also tap into those same external and internal energies.

A few years ago I came up with something I call “Oracular Spectacular.”  I started with a large jar decorated with magical symbols and sigils.  Next I printed off lyrics from my favorite songs.  Some of the songs were ones that I had loved for years, and some of them were ones that meant a lot to me at the time of the jar’s creation.  I took my favorite lines from the song (or in some cases, the whole song) and cut them out in words, phrases, or verses.  All of these slips of paper went into the jar (along with a generous splash of glitter for extra magic and ooomph!)

I have a little method and ritual I usually do every time I use Oracular Spectacular.  I shake the jar a pre-decided number of times and I recite a little incantation.  When I first started using this oracular system, I was shocked at the immediate results I received.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.  Picking songs and lyrics that held a particular significance to me, as well as intention, trust of the cosmos, and my own inner mental and emotional situations created an incredibly powerful combination of power.  The Oracle draws from one’s own energy, as well as tapping into the cosmos, and it’s incredibly effective and meaningful.

This system is very easy to use.  You can use it every night, or every morning.  You can use it before an important event, or just when you have the need for some advice or guidance.  There is no limit.  It’s not a lengthy, time consuming process.  There is no set-up, preparation, or clean-up.  Whenever the urge comes to you, you can consult the Oracle, and get your answer.

I would consult Oracular Spectacular with specific questions a lot of the time.  I’d ask my question and draw the Oracle, and if I needed clarification, I’d draw a second.  If it was still confusing or I was dissatisfied with the answer, I’d ask a different question or put the Jar away for a different time.  Some systems let you keep on asking and asking and asking, but this one definitely has its limit.  If you ask too much, the system gets muddled and confusing, and I feel as if the answers lose their honesty.

Or, of course, you could just ask generic questions.  “What should I know about today?  What should I know about this morning?  How will I do on the test?  What should my focus be right now?  What should I know about my relationship with this person?”  There really are no limits on the questions you could ask when consulting an Oracle like this.

After I’ve consulted the oracle I either paste the slip of paper in my book of shadows or my journal, or I put it back in the jar.  It really depends on my intuition at the moment.  Sometimes I know deep down that the Oracle has spoken, and that particular slip of paper needs to not return to the jar.  But sometimes I’ve gotten a strong sense that the Jar wasn’t done with that particular message, and so back into the Oracle it goes.

I used to use this system a lot, but recently I’ve been studying the runes and the Greek Alphabet Oracle, so my attention has been diverted.  It’s hard for me personally to devote much time to too many divination systems and methods.  I tend to focus on two or three (tops!) at a time.

When I have a new favorite song (or remember an old one that has come back to me with new meaning) I add those lyrics to the jar, too.  Repeat songs and lyrics are also okay.  That way the jar is always being refreshed and renewed, and it will never run out of lyrical and oracular options (in theory.) 

I’ve seen lots of self-made oracular and divination systems over the years, and I’d encourage my readers to explore devising their own systems as well.  I still rely heavily on my tarot cards, but there’s no reason why a witch can’t have many tools in her box!  Plus, exploring divination systems can be a lot of fun, and making one of your own can be a good exercise of imagination, as well as an expression of inner will and power.

And of course, if you come up with or already have your own system, share it here!  I’d love to see what all of my cosmic brothers and sisters are coming up with!

Until then, clear skies!

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