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Pagan Blog Project – week 32 – P#2 – A Simple Prosperity Spell

Pagan Blog Project – week 32 – P#2 – A Simple Prosperity Spell

Disclaimer – I understand that there are concerns regarding the safety and ethics of doing prosperity or money spells and charms.  While I think such a discussion is worthwhile and important, that will have to be for another blog post and another day.  However, if you have thoughts or comments concerning prosperity charms and spells, please feel free to leave a message!  I’d love to hear from you!

This is a little prosperity/money spell that I’ve done a few times over the years.  It is based off of a new money/new job charm that is found in The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Z. Budapest.  I have had good luck with it since the first time I used it to help me get an internship at a newspaper back in 2006.  The results have been pretty consistent in regards to jobs, internships, college acceptance letters, and having a little something extra in the bank account. 

There is a lot of room for specialization and customization, too.  This spell can also be modified to bring other things into your life - health, luck, rest, etc.  Spell craft can sometimes be super complex, but that’s not always necessary!  Sometimes simple is effective, too.  So please feel free to modify, shift, change, and alter this spell to suit your needs.  If you do change this spell in any way, please share your modifications in the comments!  I’d love to hear about your own personal and magical touch! 

a really super easy Pagan 101 prosperity spell: A Spell for Bringing in Prosperity

You will need:

  •  A green candle
  • Money drawing incense, new money incense, cinnamon incense, or another scent that you enjoy that reminds you of prosperity (stick, cone, or lose)
  • Money drawing oil, new money oil, cinnamon oil (be very careful!), or another oil that reminds you of prosperity (if you don’t have a specific oil, olive oil that has been blessed will work, too)
  • An altar space
  • A bowl of sand or soil for burning the charcoal, or, if this will be disruptive, sprinkle the incense around the work area as a dust (unless your incense is a stick or cone)
  • A bowl of sand or soil for the candle, or, if you have one, a tiny candle holder. Something safe that won’t break
  • A knife, nail, or other point for carving in wax
  • Pen and paper to make a list of the blessings you’d like to bring into your life (green pen and/or paper is best, but not absolutely needed)
  • Any other altar decorations – green or gold stones or crystals, glitter, dollar bills or coins – items that make you think of prosperity, money, fertility, or growth
  • Any other candles or magical items you’d like to use for the ritual
  • Optional cakes and ale for offering and for self (use something high quality, healthy, and wholesome)
  • Sage for cleansing
  • Matches or a lighter

To Do:

  • Do this spell when you have time to be alone and will not be interrupted. 
  • Take a shower or a bath. While cleansing yourself, try to imagine concerns and worries going down the drain with the dirty water.
  • Once you are ready, set up an altar/working space. This can be done in any way that works best for you. Be sure to include all of the items you will be needing for the ritual. 
  • Light some sage and clean yourself and the area with some light smoke cleansing.
  • Burn the incense on the charcoal, or, if that doesn’t work, sprinkle the incense like a dust upon your working surface.  If you are using a stick or cone, light the incense.
  • Sit a few moments at the altar. Breathe deeply. Connect with the elements and with Deity. Ground and center in the way that works best for you.
  • Once your mind is clear, cast a circle any way that works best for you.
  • After casting the circle, call the elements in any way that works best for you.
  • After calling the elements, invoke Deity (God, Goddess, Lord, Lady, etc) in any way that work best. Call generic archetypes, or call specific deities.  
  • With the pen and paper, write a list of the blessings you’d like to bring into your life. These will be the same blessings that you will soon carve into the candle and that you will focus your intentions on while “dressing” the candle. Do this with intention. Be specific!  Speak your wishes out loud.  You might even include a statement such as “if it is for my highest well-being” or “for my highest good.”
  • For the spell, use a knife, nail, fingernail, or some type of sharp point to carve into the candle. Carve anything that you want. These are symbols that invoke your desires – prosperity, money, fertility, wealth, luck, etc. You can carve words or symbols, anything you want that calls these things to your mind. While you are carving, focus hard on intent.  Imagine that thing you are calling to you in your life.  Imagine your life with that thing.  Tangible and specific is very good.  
  • After the candle is carved, now it is time to anoint it with oil. If you have sensitive skin, be very careful!  (You can read some essential oil basics here.)  You can drizzle the oil onto the candle, or dab it on with your fingertip or a cloth. The goal is to cover the candle and the wick with as much oil as you can. The best way to do this is to put oil on the candle and start at the center of the candle. Rub to the right in twisting motions, covering the candle. Rub to the left in twisting motions, covering the candle. Start in the center and work your way out. While doing this, chant or visualize the things you want to come to your life. The goal is to raise some energy. Speak your wishes out loud or in your heart. Do not break the candle.  Remember, be specific, and be sure to ask Deity to take into consideration your highest well-being.
  • Once you are done dressing the candle, thank the powers that have helped. Thank Deity, thank the elements. Thank them in any way that seems appropriate to you.
  • Once the candle is “dressed” it is ready to be burned. Burn it as soon as you want, right away or wait until later. (It is recommended to do this on a full moon or on a Wednesday.  It can also be burned before a job interview or other important financial meeting.). Place the candle holder on top of the piece of paper with your list of blessings (if your candleholder is safe and won’t catch the paper on fire). As the candle burns, it will release the energy, wishes, and intentions into the cosmos.  Of you intend to leave the candle burning, make sure it’s in a safe space or monitored.  If you want to burn it for short periods of time, do not blow out the candle. Snuff it with a snuffer or with another item (a knife or other flat, fireproof surface).
  • If you are partaking of cakes in ale, do so here. Give an offering to the Powers that Be in any way that seems appropriate for you, or wait until after the ritual (after you wash your hands)
  • Close the circle in any way that seems best to you.
  • Once the ritual is over, wash your hands very well. Have a small snack or meal and drink lots of water to replenish your energy. This is very important.
  • If you are so inclined, offer cakes and ale (a food item and a drink item) during the ritual once the magic is finished, or, save this for once the circle is closed. You do not have to do this, but if you want to, leave food or offering or a libation on your altar, or pour them outside as an offering. Be thankful when you give your offering. Say a little prayer. Feel a moment of gratitude.
  • When cleaning the altar, place the incense, charcoal and candle wax in a special spot outside. Bury the piece of paper, burn it, carry it in your purse or put it on your altar. (What really works best is throwing it into fresh, running water, like a creek or a river. Some people feel bad about this because of littering, so do what feels best for you.) Do so mindfully. If you have other items that you included for the charm, keep them on your altar, or carry them in your purse or wallet. If you want to reuse them, run them under running water, bury them, or soak them in salt water to cleanse them
  • If something comes to you during this ritual that you feel like you should do, do it! If something seems wrong, then don’t do it. Follow your instinct and don’t be afraid of deviating or adding. Be open to messages from the universe.
  • Be aware that sometimes God and Goddess have blessings for us that we might not expect or realize at the time. Be prepared for the unexpected! Be prepared for abundance!

And as you will it, so mote it be!
Blessed be and clear skies!


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    1. thanks for the comment, Mojo. Hope you are well!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I usually brun a green candle on Thursdays to bring prosperity to our home. I also have recipes for prosperity floor washes, but I haven't used one in a long time.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lesley! I love the idea of having a regular practice of burning a green candle on Thursdays. Why do you chose Thursdays in particular? Also, I've never used a floor wash. I might have to try that, too!