Friday, September 12, 2014

Pagan Blog Project – week 37 – S#1 – Simple Self-Love Spell

Pagan Blog Project – week 37 – S#1 – A Simple Self-Love Spell

Here is a little self-acceptance charm I kept with me while I was managing a coffee shop and struggling with depression in a bad way.  Not only is it good for self-acceptance, but it also helps you be patient and more loving with others.  When you can accept yourself, you’re more likely to accept others, and vice versa.  Love ripples and expands, then bounces back and multiplies in infinite ways, so here is an easy way to bring a little more love into your life and into the lives of those with whom you interact.

You will need a bottle of impatiens flower essence.  Impatiens is a good flower essence to use for those who struggle with impatience (naturally), tension, intolerance, and general anxiety and stress.  The flower essence helps you to be calm and more harmonious.  It helps you find a balance and rhythm in your life, and reminds you to be patient with yourself and others.

What is your power number, your favorite number, or your lucky number?  Hold the bottle in your power hand (are you right or left-handed?  Use which ever hand is your dominant hand.)  Shake the bottle of flower essence while reciting quietly or out loud the qualities you’d like to bring into your life.  I would say “by the power of three times three times three, I bring love and patience to me!”  And as you will it, so mote it be, blessed be!

Now, take the essence and drop a few drops into your tea, coffee, or water first thing in the morning.  Working in a coffee shop I’d often have coffee first thing, so into my coffee it would go.  I’d recommend 3-4 drops.  It won’t change the flavor of your drink at all, especially if you only use a little bit. 

Before you take a sip, think of the qualities you’d like to bring into your life that day.  Blow your intentions, your energy, and your breath over the surface of the liquid until it is spinning clockwise.  Take your first sip, and offer a blessings to the Cosmos in thanks for the love and care it has given and continues to give you.  So mote it be!

Keep the tincture into a special place.  I kept mine in a silky, pink pouch along with a tiny piece of pink tourmaline.  Pink stones in general are good for love, including romantic love, universal love, and self-love. 

Pink tourmaline reminds us that to love ourselves is to love others, and to love others is to love ourselves.  (It pairs perfectly with impatient!)  Some use it as a protective stone, but it also promotes love, sympathy, patience, and friendships.  It helps keep you aware of yourself and how you connect to others, as well as how you connect to the Universe.  It helps those who suffer from depression and anxiety to find more balance in their lives, and it helps keep emotions into perspective, balancing the mind and heart.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself.  If you’re not your own best friend, how can you expect to be a friend to anyone else?  How can you expect others to give you what you cannot give yourself?


(I must give credit where credit is due!  The "blowing on your morning tea" spell comes from my Bee-Friend, who taught a workshop on herbal magic at a Pagan retreat I went to many years ago.  The flower essence for impatience was recommended to me from the owner of a local new age shop, who gifted me with the piece of pink tourmaline when she knew I was going through hard times.  Love to both of them for their kind gifts and the lessons they have both taught me over the years.  I am blessed to have kind, generous, and knowledgeable teachers and friends in my life!)  

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