Monday, May 18, 2015

The Pagan Experience - Deity and the Divine

The very first time I acted as a High Priestess during a ritual was a Samhain ritual hosted by my fostering-coven in Texas.  I was a little Dedicant then, and my High Priest and Mentor made me memorize this prayer and practice it for him many times before the ritual.  I was so nervous!  But at the time of the ritual, I opened my mind, my voice, and my heart, and the words flowed through me.  I remember gazing up at the night sky, hair flying lose, wearing all black scarves and sweaters and skirts.  I remember the stars above and the clouds moving swiftly on that Samhain night.  The ritual was amazing and I really felt the energy flow through me.  After the ritual my Shaman friend came to me and said in an eerie voice "she's heeeere."  He pointed to the heavens and the clouds had formed the face of the Goddess over the huge, glowing moon.

Keeper of Ravenous Dogs,
Bitch Goddess,
Bearer of Torch and Knife,
Ruler of the Dark Moon:
Hecate, I pray to you.
Turn your slaying glance from me
and direct it toward my enemies.
And if you can't turn it away,
may it be because there is something in me that must die.
Act with wisdom and discernment, destroying only what must go,
and giving me strength to endure the burning.

By Ceisiwr Serith from Pagan Ritual Prayer Book, A

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