Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Spoopy Time!

 Well, folks, it's that time of the year!  The weather is cooling, the air feels different, the leaves are beginning to fall, and I think Starbucks is even selling pumpkin spice everything.  The autumnal season is here!  Sure, the equinox and the "official" first day of fall is about two weeks away, but seasons don't shift just because the calendar says it shifts.  We're in a transition time, the wheel is turning, and soon it will click into place.

In celebration of my all-time favorite season, I'm offering discounted tarot card readings over at my Etsy shop!  So now until November 7, my tarot card readings are 50% off when using my super spooky Halloween decks!

My sister gave me the Zombie Tarot years ago, and it immediately became one of my favorites.  I adore the pop-culture images, the conversational tone of the deck, and how real it all is.  This is a great deck for asking mundane, real world advice.  It's not messing around (despite the zombies.  I mean, who messes around with zombies, anyway?)

Get a reading with the Zombie Tarot!

The Halloween Oracle was another love-at-first-sight deck.  I typically don't use oracle decks very often, but I adored the images and really, what's not to love about Halloween?  This deck really pulls from Halloween culture, folklore, and mythology.  The images are gorgeous, and the messages are timeless (despite the October theme.)  This deck is especially poignant when asking deeper questions about inner mysteries and spiritual issues.

Get a reading with the Halloween Oracle!

Finally, I have some Samhain incense for sale at my Etsy shop, too.  I made this with my sister, and it's a spicy, heady blend and I've had good luck with using it during ancestor work.

Check out my Samhain incense!

Have a fun, spooky season, everyone! 

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