Friday, April 18, 2014

Pagan Blog Project - Week 15 - H #2 – Howlite

Pagan Blog Project - Week 15 - H#2 – Howlite

I went many years without even hearing about howlite, though I know now that it’s way more common than I would have originally imagined. Howlite is a pretty soft stone, making it easy to carve and shape. It is also pretty porous, making it easy to dye. When you find colored beads or stone baubles that are super bright, it’s usually howlite. Sometimes, though, these pieces are labeled as something else. This is especially common with turquoise because of the similarities between the structures of the two stones. Sometimes these dyed pieces are also called magnesite or turquenite. Though some (many, probably) pieces of turquoise are genuine, some are really just brightly colored howlite pieces, so be aware!

Howlite is said to have calming and relaxing properties. If you have a piece of howlite, you can feel how smooth and soft it is. Stroking howlite like a worry stone can help soothe an overly active mind, or even help those who suffer from insomnia. Howlite can especially be useful for those who work in a stressful career, so it’s a good stone to have on a keychain, piece of jewelry, in your pocket, or at your desk.

It helps clear a clouded mind. If your mind is overly active, howlite can help you see through some of the stress and confusion and help prepare you to be more open to higher wisdom. With this clearing away of confusion comes greater understanding, and this is especially true when it comes to self-knowledge. Howlite helps one to realize how their own actions impact and touch others, for better or for worse. It aids in tactfulness and civility, and is perfect aiding in clear and concise communication. It is also said to absorb anger, which helps ensure gentleness in one’s words and tone.  

Though I was originally scandalized to have so much howlite masquerading as turquoise, I’ve really come to love and appreciate the versatility and usefulness of this charming stone!

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  1. I've also been reading that howlite is quite good for patience. I'll get back to you about how my own experiments with it go.

    1. thanks, anonywitch! and yes, I have a special bracelet I put together to help me at work (I'm a social worker/psychotherapist in training) and howlite was one of the gemstones I knew I MUST include. I'm curious to hear about your experiences with it! I've really come to enjoy it over the past year or two.