Friday, April 25, 2014

Pagan Blog Project - week 17 - I - Ishtar (who cannot be contained by the grave!)

Pagan Blog Project - week 17 - I - Ishtar (who cannot be contained by the grave!)

This was originally read for Wyrd Ways Radio as part of a devotional ritual to honor the Graveyard Gods. The Graveyard Gods are a list of dieties who were used by a publicity stunt by a group of campus atheist.

For Isthar, who cannot be contained by a grave!

Ishtar, who is also called Inanna and Astarte
            Who has endless names unknown or unspoken
Who is also called Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Earth
            and Mistress of All the Universe

As the evening and morning star
You shine on us as the sun is setting
Your light carries us through the night and through our darkest hours
You shine on us when the sun is rising
Your light adding to that of the day and to our brightest hours.

With a crown of stars, of gemstones, of a million leaves, petals, and horns
            You rule over all the realms
And it is an honor, indeed, to be ruled by you.

You decorate your breast with stars
            with lapis, agate, and pearls the color of the brightest rainbows
But it is you who give jewels and the cosmos their luster
For even naked and alone and hung up on a meat hook in the underworld
You are still the most treasured beauty of both heaven and of earth.

For ages unto ages, poets have given their words to you
But one poem is not enough
Nine prayers are not enough
50,000 words are not enough
Seven epics are not enough
To contain your glory

And so shine on, glorious Queen, mistress, and Goddess.
May your brightness never fade
And may we always appreciate the bright blessings and dark lessons you bestow upon us all.

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