Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cosmic Love - The Super Duper Space Witch at Pagan Square

I've been a huge fan of Witches and Pagans magazine since it's been around. Does everyone remember New Witch and Pagan Gaia? (Sage Woman is still around and doing great!) I remember being a Baby Witch, Newbie Journalist, and a poor college student, working for a book store. Every time a new issue would come out my friends and I would buy one and pass it around until it was in terrible shape.
 As a Baby Pagan I'd dream about writing for one of these publications.Over the years I've submitted a few articles to these publications, with varying success. I was ecstatic when my article on holy places in New Mexico ran in the #26 issues, The Element of Fire.

I queried the editor of Witches and Pagans to see if she wanted to go with a story idea I had. While my story was rejected (with good cause!) I was asked if I'd be interested in being a contributing blogger to the site.

Wohoo! So, after some work and negotiations and some writing and rewriting and some more writing, here it is! This is my debut blog post over at PaganSquare. The blog will focus on Be sure to check it out!

Cosmic Love: 

Daily Mysticism and Magic

"The continuing voyages of The Space Witch as she explores the blessings of magic and mysticism that are to be found in everyday experiences."

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