Friday, June 20, 2014

Pagan Blog Project – week 25 – M#1 – Moldavite

Moldavite is the perfect stone for a Space Witch like me, and it’s become one of my all-time favorites. It is a magical blend of both heaven and of earth, and isn’t that what being a Space Witch is all about? A Space Witch is of the Earth but dreams of the cosmos, and moldavite encompasses that celestial dream and this earthly realm.

Ranging in colors from dark olive to bright green, moldavite is a special type of glass that resulted from the impact of a meteor in Eastern Europe, probably around 15-million years ago. The giant meteor was so hot that it melted the earth upon impact, shooting big globs of molten stuff in the air. When that stuff cooled, it created a lovely green glass that is a combination of space material and earthly substances. It’s a lot like obsidian, which is also glass created from the super-hot, molten crust of the earth. Moldavite, however, is what was created when the meteor melted the earth and melted into the earth, creating a lovely blend of both realms.
The higher quality pieces of moldavite are known for their “fern-like” patterns. When I think of ferns I think of dinosaurs and a time before humans or mammals, a time unlike any of us will ever know.  Moldavite comes from this ancient time, but also holds within it a promise of the future, of outer space, and of our destiny as the human race as we hold Earth to be our home but look to the stars for possibilities.

I have read that one of the Roman Sibyls used a giant slab of moldavite in her rituals. She would perform her rites in a cave sacred to Hecate, and part of the ritual would include a processional presentation of the slab of moldavite. It is said that this meteorite glass represented the Goddess Cybele or Rhea, or a similar Earth Mother/Queen of Heaven. It is also said that the Holy Grail from Christian lore was carved from a piece of moldavite. A very late Gnostic sect, the Cathars, believed that the Holy Grail wasn’t a grail at all, but a mysterious stone from outer space.

Magically, moldavite is said to vibrate at an incredibly high frequency. This is said to aid those who want to be in contact with the heavenly realms, though I feel as if it connects one to more than just heaven, but earth as well. It is used in lucid dreaming, astral travel, to connected with one’s angel or spirit guides, and trance work.

Unfortunately I do not have many pieces of moldavite. When it comes to a stone or crystal I really, really want, I shop around forever until the “perfect” piece comes around, which is almost never! I do have a tiny pair of moldavite earrings I splurged on, though, and I wear them when I want a little extra energy and openness to my life - whether I am just running errands or engaging in a powerful ritual. And for special occasions I use some special moldavite incense (Moldavite Incense Sticks - With Real Moldavite Essence) or moldavite oil I have, but I tend to hoard these, saving them only for super special occasions.
Artificial oldavite can be made in a lab, so be careful when buying this stone online! Lab-created moldavite is pretty easy to spot – the pock marks are too uniform in placement and shape, the size way too large, and the color not quite right. It looks pretty fake, like plastic, and holds none of the magical properties of the genuine, ancient glass.  

Created over 15-million years ago from a unique meteor impact, moldavite is naturally a very rare glass. I’ve seen it increase in popularity over the years, with pieces being smaller and with more imperfections. Like many of Earth’s precious stones, once moldavite is gone, it’s gone for good.

I find moldavite to be the perfect combination of heaven and earth, the terrestrial and the celestial, the rare and the beautiful. This rare beauty is a perfect addition to any Space Witch treasure chest!

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